Dallas Bishop Releases Relationships Advice with New eBook, CD Series

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Dallas Bishop Releases Relationships Advice with New eBook, CD Series

(DALLAS, Jan. 14) D.A. Davis, a Dallas, preacher, teacher and author, has written a new eBook series, “Unveiling the Butterfly in You” and has published a companion set of audio CDs that clearly challenges men and women to work through their struggles as the butterfly does just to live.

Davis, who is also known as the relationship strategist, uses the butterfly as a metaphor of survival and transformation through life cycles.

“Davis stated that people are tired, defeated, frustrated, hurting and disappointed with life”, due to their struggle to survive.  Davis advises that their viewpoint be changed because their latter can be greater than their former.   Davis, who has been married over 27 year’s stated that 23 of those years have been good.  A father of three children “who recommends change in how we think, because the butterfly has no choice but to embrace its struggles and work through them just to live.”


Davis’ eBook and CDs offers his readers and listeners – a rich source of useful advice in helping them cope with their struggles as he teaches them ‘strategies’ for making their journey more successful.


“Just like the butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon we humans strive to get out of our tough places (problems), but Davis offers a soothing strategy through his CD’s that will assist you in getting to the place, where you desire.  “Davis writes in his book, “When you look at your present situation and face your own reality now you can shift the odds in your favor.”


Over the years, Davis said he has counseled both individuals as well as married couples about how to make their relational or marital struggle better and it is his prayer that the CD’s will help them to redefine themselves.  At the root of many relational or marital problems are poor communication skills.  Davis draws upon his abilities to communicate effectively, leadership skills combined with his ministerial experience and practical application of 27 years of marriage to combat the forces that defy a successful relationship or marriage.

Davis offers weekly relational or marital advice on the “LIVE RELATIONSHIP TALK LINE”, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. CST every Thursday evening.  Toll Free Call: (760) 569-6000; Code 474372#. To read the “Unveiling the Butterfly” series and buy the CDs, go to Davis’ website, http://mydadavis.com.   Any media sources interested in interviewing Bishop Davis may contact Neil Foote, Foote Communications, 214.448.3765, neil@neilfoote.com.