Built4U Mobile Offers Five Tips on What You Need to Know About Your Phone Contract

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Built4U Mobile Offers Five Tips on What You Need to Know About Your Phone Contract




Built4U Mobile, a telecom start-up, offers five tips on what you need to need to know about your mobile phone contract that many people ignore – or simply don’t understand.

Darrell Woolen

Darrell Woolen

The company (http://built4umobile.com), founded by Darrell Woolen, a veteran of the telecommunications industry, said too many people don’t understand what they’re paying for every month they get their bill or the details of what their contract allows them to do.

“I talk to so many people who are paying fees for items that they don’t understand or even know what’s really in their contract,” said Woolen who started the firm because he, along with so many friends and family, complained about their rising cell phone bills. “I know. I was one of those people. Now, I know what to look for.”

Woolen said here are five key items every person should review – and ask your mobile provider about it:

  • Unlimited data: Is it really? You need to review your bill, then call customer service to confirm what your plan includes, and how much you’re paying in overage fees. Do you understand how much data your APPs, videos and games really use?
  • Contract term: So many mobile companies now are allowing you to pay for your new phone on a monthly basis on top of your monthly phone charges. Do you really understand how much you’re really paying for your phone? What if you get some extra cash and want to pay extra to pay for your new phone sooner? Can you do that? Is it just cheaper to pay for your new phone outright?
  • “Reasonable usage”: What does this mean? How does this affect my monthly costs?
  • Changing providers: Some companies are allowing you to “break your contract” to switch providers. This may not be as easy as it seems. Find out what the actual costs of switching.
  • Overage fees: Are you paying attention to how much you’re paying for every (SMS) text message that exceeds your plan? How much are you paying for your extra services to your plan that you’re no longer using?

Woolen’s team consists of a group of experienced sales, telecommunications and operations executives who joined him to start the nationwide full-service mobile telephone company. Convenience and flexibility are among the key components of the Built4U model. Customers can sign up for plans online 24/7, contact a local sales agent or call by phone (855-399-2470) to have access to high-quality multi-carrier networks available around the country. The company offers customers a full suite of products, including voice, text, data and cell phones. No contracts for service are required and devices are available with $0 interest for a two-year agreement, with approved credit.

Built4U Mobile is signing up direct sales agents, (built4ucareers.com) avoiding traditional brick-and-mortar stores to keep overhead costs low. Woolen is also giving back to the community. As part of its social entrepreneurship philosophy, Built4U Mobile is lining up strategic partnerships with local schools, colleges, and churches so it can raise money from cell phone usage. Recently, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III of Friendship-West Baptist Church added Built4U Mobile to its West Wall Street Initiative, an effort to empower local businesses and consumers to reinvest in their communities.

For more information about the company, investment opportunities or to set up interviews with Mr. Woolen, contact Neil Foote, Foote Communications, LLC, 214.448.3765, neil@neilfoote.com