Baron Davis, Two-Time NBA Star, Entrepreneur, Launches New Start-up- The Black Santa Company

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Baron Davis, Two-Time NBA Star, Entrepreneur, Launches New Start-up- The Black Santa Company

Company focused on promoting positive role models– all year round

black_santa_face-smallerLos Angeles – Nov. 3, 2016 – Baron Davis, the two-time NBA All-Star and entrepreneur, has launched The Black Santa Company, a start-up company to promote positive role models with the aim to inspire and entertain the African American audience – and the world.

“This is a character-focused company that I want to use to expand people’s imaginations,” said Davis, a product of South Central Los Angeles, where he credits his success to sports, film, great cartoons and a vivid imagination. “We live in a world that needs a constant reminder of hope and positivity, particularly in neighborhoods like where I grew up. I want to give people the ability to dream and imagine something different. I want to make people feel good about themselves.”

The Black Santa Company offers contemporary twists to traditional characters for a world that is becoming increasingly diverse. Davis intends to serve the roughly $100 billion Christmas market for African Americans, which despite its size is still underserved. The company’s initial product suite will offer a range of products, including ornaments, wrapping paper, as well as limited apparel.

Beyond the holiday season, people will be able to engage with the brand through social media and video content, highlighting positivity and good in their communities. The company will offer relevant content, characters and product year-round, starting with its the campaign #GivingHasNoSeason. Click here to listen to these testimonials.

“With all that’s going on in this country, and particularly in the African-American community, I want to offer heroes and role models through storytelling. Black Santa is the first character. His mission is to celebrate diversity, the joy of giving and the magic of good. He’s here to bring people together and have fun. So while I may not be making moves on the basketball court now, The Black Santa Company is my new basketball.”

Click here to see a video where Baron tells his story about why he started the company.

For more information, contact Neil Foote, Foote Communications, 214.448.3765,

About Black Santa Company

The Black Santa Company is a new media company that creates new characters, contemporary and engaging content, and high quality products celebrating diversity, fun, and positivity.  Our mission is to inspire the world by building diverse characters and telling contemporary stories that reflect the change in culture. Follow Black Santa on social media: through Facebook , Instagram and Twitter (@BlackSanta).

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Birmingham Author, “People Scholar” Says It’s Time to Tackle Toxic Relationships

The People Factor cover mediun

Pastor Van Moody serves on the board of directors of Joel Osteen’s Champion’s Network

(DALLAS – December 3) Birmingham minister, author and motivational speaker Van Moody says this is the time of the year to find out which relationships are worth keeping, worth changing or ending.

“Relationships either lift you up or weigh you down,” said Moody, author of “THE PEOPLE FACTOR”, a new book that offers insightful advice on building great relationships and ending bad ones. “In light of this universal truth, it’s absolutely critical that you know two things: how much you need to invest in a relationship and which ones must come to an end.

Throughout the pages of “The People Factor,” (paperback, ISBN: 9781400205028, $16.99 U.S.) Moody lays out the steps to building and maintaining genuine, authentic relationships – and how to end toxic relationships.   In a flowing, engaging, attention grabbing style, he provides a beyond-the-basics guide for the critical task of evaluating our relationships intelligently and taking decisive action in kind. Take a look at this video that will give you a preview of the book, and Moody’s approach to this sensitive issue:

Moody, who travels the world teaching people how to raise their relational IQ, offers a basic framework for individuals to evaluate their relationships.  As a people scholar, Moody says most people tend to avoid dealing with relationships – good and bad.  Based on his research over the years, he is available for interviews, seminars and speaking engagements to discuss any of the following topics:

  • Is helping you hurting me? How to know
  • How to have healthy relationships with unhealthy people
  • Sure-fire signs of a toxic relationship
  • Essential elements of a successful relationship
  • ‘Relationship boundaries’: why they’re needed and how to set them
  • Signs a relationship is heading south
  • Exit strategy: when and how to end an unhealthy relationship
  • 5 fundamentals of a constructive relational transition

Field expert Van Moody is an author, motivational speaker and media expert source who advises on matters related to relationships as they pertain to friends, family, significant others and the workplace. Moody is an associate trainer in Japan for EQUIP, the world’s largest and most comprehensive grassroots leadership, personal growth and development organization founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell.  He also serves on the board of directors for Joel Osteen’s Champions Network.  Moody earned a B.A. from DePauw University and has lectured in the classrooms of Harvard and Oxford Universities where he, himself, has also studied to further his quest for knowledge in business, economic and community Development.  Moody and his wife reside in Birmingham, Alabama with their two children. Learn more online at

To book Van Moody, you can contact Neil Foote,, 214.448.3765