African-American Owned Mobile Company Donates Phones to Families in Puerto Rico

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African-American Owned Mobile Company Donates Phones to Families in Puerto Rico

Freddie FiggersFreddie Figgers is one of the nation’s largest African-American owned cell phone companies and providers

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, September 27, 2017 – Freddie Figgers, owner of one of the nation’s largest African-American owned cell phone companies and networks, has sent 500 satellite phones with unlimited calls, texts and data to help families affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Figgers said the SIMM cards are fully activated for 90 days free of charge. These sim cards and phones will be distributed out in San Juan to individual families at San Juan Airport.

“The hurricane destroyed the entire island’s telecommunications’ network,” said Figgers, 28, founder of Figgers Communication, who has designed his own phones and developed his own network. “We’re trying to do all can to help these families communicate with each other, and especially their loved ones.”

Figgers Designed First Phone with Automatic Anti-Texting Function

Four years ago, Figgers developed the custom-designed phone the “F1” phone that has automatic anti-texting functionality and super-fast charging. Next month, he is releasing the F2 the company, which will be waterproof and shatterproof. Figgers Communication is currently one of the few telecoms in the country that manufactures its own phone and provides its own service.

As Figgers, who grew up to adopted parents in Quincy FL, looked at the devastation in Puerto Rico, he said he had to do something.“We all need to do our part to make sure that Puerto Rico gets back on its feet.”

Figgers Makes Make At An Early Age

Figgers is a child prodigy. At age 9, Freddie Figgers took apart an old IBM personal computer five times that his father bought at a local Goodwill Store. On the sixth time, he got it working. At age 13, he started working for the city of Quincy as a computer technician and network administrator in its NetQuincy department, setting up the city’s network and helping residents.

At age 16, Figgers started Figgers Computers, repairing computers and installing wireless area networks. By age 17, he created a cloud-based hosting network that stored data for more than 70 clients – law firms, car dealerships and dozens of other companies. By age 18, he had created his own computer operating system. Figgers also designed a VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol network – that transmits voice to and from the USA from more than 80 countries’ landline and mobile connections. He achieved another milestone in 2011 when the FCC approved the company’s application to own spectrum, leading to the construction of the company’s first cellular tower.


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Built4U Mobile, A New Nationwide Mobile Telephone Company, Signing Up Direct Sales Agents

Great opportunity to earn extra income and offer new phone service

Full page photoDALLAS – June 8, 2016 – Built4U Mobile, a telecom start-up, is signing up direct sales agents to become part of its new nationwide mobile telephone company that offers a full suite of products and services for customers tired of overpaying for their phone services.

Anyone interested in becoming an agent can sign up online at The company is setting out to avoid traditional brick-and-mortar stores to keep overhead costs low. In doing so, the company pays higher commissions to our agents and recycles money back into the community. Agents earn residual commissions and portions of each sale are shared with a local partner charter. The opportunity is available to college students and professionals of all backgrounds.

Company giving back to community

The company’s founder, Darrell Woolen, is building the infrastructure for what he believes will become a highly profitable company, but he wants to make sure he also gives back to the community. As part of its social entrepreneurship philosophy, Built4U Mobile is lining up strategic partnerships with local schools, colleges, and churches so they can raise money from cell phone usage. “We like to think of it as recycling revenues back into the communities we serve,” Woolen said. Recently, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III of Friendship-West Baptist Church, added Built4U Mobile to its West Wall Street Initiative, an effort to empower local businesses and consumers to reinvest in their communities.

“We’re looking for individuals who are hungry and share our passion for our product,” said Woolen, who has more than 35 years in the telecommunications industry founded the nationwide full-service mobile telephone company. “There’s a great opportunity to earn extra income, and, in the long run, help support your family and community.”

Woolen started the firm because he, along with so many friends and family, complained about their rising cell phone bills. Built4U Mobile has no hidden costs. Customers pay for what you want and what you use. Said Woolen, “It’s easy to sign up, get going and start using your phone without worrying about how much your phone bill will be every month.”

Woolen’s team consists of a group of experienced sales, telecommunications and operations executives who joined him to start the nationwide full-service mobile telephone company. Convenience and flexibility are among the key components of the Built4U model. Customers can sign up for plans online 24/7, contact a local sales agent or call by phone (855-399-2470) to have access to high-quality multi-carrier networks available around the country. The company offers customers a full suite of products, including voice, text, data and cell phones. No contracts for service are required and devices are available with $0 interest for a two-year agreement, with approved credit.