FooteComm Services

Foote Communications, LLC specializes in offering a wide range of services that combines traditional public relations and content management and social media for entertainers, entrepreneurs, corporations and educational institutions:

Public relations – What’s your story? How are you telling it? What are your key messages? Who are you trying to reach? Let us help you develop your strategy for you, your project or your event. We can help you brainstorm a strategy, write a media and/or marketing plan, write/edit/distribute press releases.

Graphics & Design – What’s your image? Let us help you tell your story through compelling graphics and images.

Media Kits: Create/design press kits for company or specific events.

Social Media Strategies – What are you doing on social media? What’s working? What’s not? How are you assessing your success? What strategies will work best for you? How can you improve your content, engage your audience and convert them to loyal followers, listeners, readers, consumers?

Political Outreach: Do you need help with a community engagement strategy? Do you need to create a Register-to-Vote or a Get-Out-the-Vote strategy? Do you need targeted message to better engage diverse communities?

Public affairs – Need a policy statement about your company or personal mission? How can we get your message in front of key influencers? What’s a better way to establish relationships with key government agencies? public and/or elected officials? We can create the messaging and broker the relationships.

Editorial management – Need to improve the content on your website? Your marketing materials such as brochure, media kits or other creative pieces? We can help you write and edit copy for your books, websites and speeches.

Multicultural Marketing – What are you doing to reach diverse audiences? Do you know how diverse your customer base is? How large is your multicultural audience? Are you looking for ideas on how to better attract more customers? We can conduct brainstorming sessions and assist you with a strategy to expand your audience.


Website Project Management: Project manage website design and execution.

Facilitator: Lead your planning meetings, strategy and/or brainstorming sessions.

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