Foote Contributor to Book on Race, Gender, Media

Neil Foote wrote two chapters in Race, Gender, Class and Media: Studying Mass Communication and Multiculturalism, written by Sharon Bramlett-Solomon and Meta Delgado Carstarphen, a new textbook that examines issues pertaining to media representation of race, gender, and class and how the American mass media shapes the world in which we live.

This book explains why it is essential to understand ways in which media representation of race, gender, and class promotes certain meanings and interpretations that adhere to dominant American ideology. Media roles, functions, and impact on society are explored and opened for student discussion. How stereotypes are conveyed, maintained, and reproduced in media messages are examined. Researched and wrote Chapter 16, “Multiculturalism and Online Voices” and Chapter 17, “Social Media in Political Communication and Social Activitism.”